Blue Tarp

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“Tell me with your eyes,

Tell me,
that sunburn looks great on you.

Tell me that sand is nature’s pedicure
and that when I take off my shoes
I become a world traveler,
standing on stones
that have touched a thousand shores.”

–Poem excerpt from Blue Tarp


About the Author:

Rachel Joy Watson has her B.A. in writing, spent a summer studying at Oxford and is currently getting her MLitt. in theology at The University of St. Andrews. She teaches high school English and has been published in Cordella Magazine, RELEVANT, and on The Gospel Coalition. She loves northern California, hymns, hand-written letters, Raymond Carver and hot tea.





Praise for Blue Tarp:

“Watson’s poetry is a series of short stories about how we try to escape pain by hardening ourselves, but instead are made lighter and freer by noticing. Quiet and hopeful and devastating, she is a poet with eyes fixed both on the heights of heaven and the lows of the valleys we find ourselves living in.

-D.L. Mayfield, author of Assimilate or Go Home: Notes from a Failed Missionary on Rediscovering Faith

“Rachel Joy Watson shares her story of painful transformation in Blue Tarp. As Watson takes the reader from the apex of love to the depths of grief, we experience her clear-eyed initiation into womanhood through the fiery channel of divorce. Blue Tarp is brave and approachable, with gorgeous imagery of water and drought, intimacy and distance, childhood and hard-won wisdom. Watson’s fresh voice is a welcome companion in the often intimidating world of contemporary poetry.”

-Cate Clother, Cordella Magazine

“In these pages before you, Rachel brings forth holiness from heartache, beauty from brokenness, poetry from pain, with vivid metaphor and catch-you-off-guard imagery. I found my heart leaping up in my chest at moments throughout that resonated deep within, as she cultivates a sacred soil where the painful tilling of life’s destructions has yielded in time great fruit-pick up these words and eat!”
-Joshua Ryan Butler, author of The Skeletons in God’s Closet and The Pursuing God

“Rachel Joy Watson searches for ‘life/under the cracked surface/of things,’ and as I read her poems, I was compelled by her gentle and prayerful curiosity. May we all share that same spirit.”
-Michael Wright, FULLER studio and magazine