Books (Part II)

Books (Part II)

I keep thinking about
all the books we own, how
they might look
sitting next to each other
on the same shelf
(ok, ten shelves),

how some
might get crowded out,
or lost behind the couch.

I think about
how our collections
have been built up
over years, how
they are now full
of histories
short stories,
and poetry;

how some pages are soft
from being read
over and over again and
others are stiff
because those book
have never been opened;
they remain
something new.

Some have marks
and notes
and expired coupons
hidden inside them.

probably smell
like the summer did
the year we read them.

The one thing
I know
is that if we spend our lives
in this joint-library
we’ll never
be without something
to read.

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